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Agradecimientos amigos Colaboradores Mecenas Noticias de la tienda

This project is promoted by the launch of a crowdfunding campaign called FOTOLAMPARAS - Photographs that illuminate.

Web Verkami of the Campaign

Photo project for home decoration but also to illuminate the spirit

I am very grateful to each and every patron who has supported the project and made it possible

Infinite thanks to:

Peter, Juan Antonio, Clara, Sagra, Moisés, Juanma, Jesús, Eva, Loli, Joaquín, Mireia, Cristina, Merche, Cecile, Henk, Mieke, Anke, Eva, Barbara, Isa, Elena, Maria Eva, Cristóbal, Paco, Maise, Rocío, Lidia, Eva, Joana, Elsa, Stuart, Agustín, Frederic, Kader, Quique, Antonia, Eva, Inés, Pepe y Carmen, Felipe, Carmen, Eugenia, Angi, Álvaro, Marisol, María José, Artur y Robert.

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