The incredible journey of the plants

The plants photographed in this project are unique beings, portrayed in different parts of the world. It is likely that our protagonists do not longer exist anymore, although most will have been able to procreate and surely have congeners elsewhere. More than one will have been affected by human pressure and it has become extinct along with its relatives; we already know how the dwindling biodiversity is going.

Plants travel. They reach all corners with seeds or spores, roll on the ground or fall from a high altitude, with the wind for years and kilometres. They travel through rivers, seas and oceans, they disperse. They travel alongside insects, birds and mammals that ingest their seeds and thus manage to expand, or conquer territories attached to the fur of other beings that move through them. They also move, they cannot leave the place where they were born, but they advance and sway to their liking.

By Clara Lanau