Prints on Photo paper

As a good printing lover I have chosen 2 types of printing, 5 finishes to print my photographs.

The printing technique and the type of paper are of vital importance when bringing an image to life. The details and textures achieved by these Fine Art prints give the photograph durability, beauty and a special character. They enhance the message of the image and make it a more genuine object.

Tipos de papel fine art

TWO TYPES OF PRINTING to choose from:

Printing on photosensitive paper: The information in the digital file is transformed into light (RGB 3-color laser) that reaches the silver particles of the photosensitive paper and is developed with the corresponding chemicals. We could say that it is a mixture of the analogical photographic techniques of the darkroom together with the digital archive, the digital darkroom.

 Life of photography: 40 years in daylight (no direct sun), 80 years in the dark.

 Two finishes to choose from:

            · Fuji Matte: Has a dotted texture coating that gives the paper a natural photographic finish with subtle colors.

           · Fuji Brightness: Accentuates the color offering an intense and radiant image, more vivid colors and greater contrast than in the Matte option.

The other type of printing, the Giclée printing: The so-called Giclée technique is a professional inkjet printing. The word Giclée comes from French and means "jet" or "burst". This print is usually done on high quality fine art papers. The high resolution offered by these types of prints results in a higher quality in the image. 8-channel CMYK printing offers high color accuracy and very pure blacks. The high durability provided by this type of printing with fine art papers is another of its characteristics.

Life of photography: 80 years in daylight (no direct sun), 200 years in darkness.

I have chosen three types of fine art paper for Giclée printing:

Hahnemühle Photorag

This paper has an extra matte finish, offers dense blacks, natural color reproduction and excellent detail. Its surface has a subtle texture with an off-white smooth cotton feel that creates consistent color gradients. Photorag is suitable for montages, but is very delicate due to its cotton texture. The corners can be damaged if not treated carefully.

 Hahnemühle Pearl

Hahnemuhle Pearl offers a smooth surface with an orange peel texture and a light white base. It produces very natural black and white images and reproduces vibrant colors with great detail. The satin finish of the resin coating along with the texture and vibrant colors gives the image an oil painting feel.

 Canson baryta

A pure white barium paper with excellent black density, contrast and detail reproduction. It is ideal for highly contrasting images, as well as vivid, fluorescent colors. The barium base creates very dense whites and blacks while the silky, reflective surface enhances detail and definition. I recommend handling it with care as it is a very delicate paper.