Peter Manschot

Born in Holland, a lawyer by profession and self-taught photographer, he has spent the last fifteen years portraying the Andaluz countryside. He began as a way of sharing his experiences in the mountains but soon took on photography as a profession leading to the publication of five books, the last of which was called “Sensaciones/Sensations; Serranía de Ronda”.

He concentrates on photographing landscapes at an exact chosen moment to best capture the essence of their beauty, concentrating especially on ghostly and mystical elements, as a way of transmitting the feelings and sensations they cause him.

He often remains in the place he has chosen for a number of days, sleeping outdoors so that he can feel closer to the landscape and thus, able to give greater depth to the photographs.

This way of “living” nature photography has given him a great knowledge about the Andalusian landscapes and its most interesting moments (in terms of composition, light and its hour, atmosphere…) experience which he shares in the photographic tours he offers.