Montes Orientales 4
Montes Orientales 4
Montes Orientales 4
Montes Orientales 4
Peter Manschot

Montes Orientales 4

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Montes Orientales 4, Andalucía, febrero 2018, de la colección 'Agricultural undulations'

Undulations in agricultural fields in the pasturelands, symbolizing harmony between man and nature. In some areas of Andalusia, the agricultural fields of non-intensive and landscape-friendly use that allow coexistence with nature and the presence of high biodiversity rates are still maintained. Its undulated, apart from being of great beauty, symbolize at the same time the harmony between us and the landscape. This collection consists of a portrait of the same place from different points of view during the four seasons of the year.

This photographic painting with author signature brings nature into your home. Printed in an original way that highlights the texture of the wood and gives a special soul to the image.

These photographs are printed directly on 1 cm-thick poplar wood and are designed to hang directly on the wall (including hanger for this purpose) or to rest on any flat surface.

The texture, imperfections and wood grains of the material give the photograph a very warm and special character. The irregular surface adds a natural touch that fits very well with nature photographs even if the photographic quality is affected. In the black tones the texture and grains of the wood are more pronounced.

This material does not have lighting.

There are three seizes to choose




The manufacturing time varies between a week and 20 days, we make them with love and especially for you.